Nutrition and Diet Therapy with Basic and Advanced Diabetic Foot care Diploma


The Nutrition and Diet Therapy with Basic and Advanced Diabetic Foot care program is the only ministry approved online vocational course is nutrition and diabetes foot care. Student taking this course can be funded by second career Canada wide. The course was developed to provide students with understanding of basic nutrition and the role of food and nutrition in the body, fitness, health, and disease prevention including management of diabetes . This program emphasizes the fundamentals of nutrition and metabolism throughout the lifespan.

According to Diabetes Canada, there are 11 million Canadian living with diabetes or pre diabetes, and every 3 minutes another Canadian is diagnosed. Chances are that diabetes affects you or someone you know.

The focus of our Nutrition and Diet Therapy part of the program is to integrate and apply the effect and influence of food, nutrition, exercise, and physical activity on health and chronic disease preventions.

The Basic and Advanced Diabetic foot care component of this program is designed to help students develop a hands-on approach to performing foot care assessment and treatment following best practice standards and guidelines with respect to infection control standards, integrating clinical practice guidelines 2018,  using best practice from the foot care competency standards that includes the use of sterilize single use foot care tools, or disposable tools, when performing diabetic foot care.

This program integrates and applies knowledge within the areas of nutrition counselling, exercise, stress management, glycemic control, and the importance of diabetic foot care. Additionally, the program is designed to be equally useful for entry level, or ongoing career development for anyone interested in knowledge for prevention and management of diabetes and long term management of the complication of the disease.

 Health care providers may qualify for some course exemptions, and will need to complete the Basic and Advanced Diabetic foot care component of the program which equals 200 hours..

Non health care providers will be expected to complete the combined 45 weeks Nutrition and Diet Therapy Diploma with the Basic and Advanced Diabetic foot care online Program .

Topics include:

  • Introduction to food and nutrition
  • The Role of Carbohydrates, Fats, Protein, Vitamins, Minerals
  • Digestion, Absorption, metabolism, Fluid Balance,
  • Nutrition Across the life span
  • Nutrition assessment and health promotion
  • Food Habits and Culture
  • Food Bourne disease,
  • Weight management, Fitness and physical activity
  • Diabetes management and Clinical practice guideline 2018
  • Communication skills
  • Managing Diabetes portion size
  • Diabetes Foot care
  • Assessment and treatment of the Diabetic Foot
  • Common nail disorders
  • Foot care tools, equipment and supplies used in Foot care treatment including use of dremel with disposable disc, disposable foot files, clippers, nail nippers, foot paddle with disposable abrasive pad.
  • Foot care techniques including; cutting nails with nippers, ingrown scissors, clippers, treating ingrown nails, treating fungal nails, packing to prevent ingrown nails, treating soft, hard or seeded corn using corn remover tools, callous removal using foot file with disposable abrasive pad, debridement of thickened nails using the dremel with disposable abrasive emery band.
  • Best practice with infection control in use of tools and reprocessing tools.

This course is open to any one who is interested in learning how to integrate Nutrition and Diet Therapy with Basic and Advanced Diabetic Foot care

This program is offered online. Students are expected to come into school to attend a lab when learning how to use foot care tools safely. Thereafter, students will be expected to complete their 20 hands on case studies that they will find on their own from their communities following the steps learnt in the course lab.

 Pre requisite: Grade 12 or equivalent, First aide CPR, Tub skin test, criminal reference check, computer access and able to operate a computer.

For health care professionals proof of membership with your associations and regulatory body

Upon completion and passing the Nutrition and Diabetic Foot care course, including passing the module tests, submissions of 20 hands on foot care case studies, and 10 nutrition case studies following the course guidelines will the student be awarded a Diploma, and 1 year membership with the nahhp association under the modality holistic nutrition and foot care specialist.

Course does not include the foot care text and  kit that is required to complete the foot care case studies

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