Nurse Psychotherapist Certificate 

The Nurse Psychotherapist Certificate  Program is designed to assist nurses Canada wide in obtaining the skills, knowledge, and experience in performing counselling and psychotherapy safely in private practice in the community or hospital settings.


Psychotherapy is a controlled act in which nurses can perform independently providing that the nurse has the necessary training, skills, experience, and judgement to perform the task.


Psychotherapy is defined as “an intense client-therapist relationship which often involves the examination of deeply emotional experiences, destructive behaviour patterns, and serious mental health issues,” (Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council, 2006). It includes a deep assessment of life processes that focus on behaviour modifications, thinking patterns, cognition, emotional response, and social functioning. In order to competently practice psychotherapy, nurses need in-depth knowledge, skills, and experience using theoretical framework.


This course is offered online and  utilizes counseling and psychotherapy methods including; Cognitive Intervention, Behavioural Intervention, and CBT Psychotherapy Theoretical frameworks to assist in behaviour and mental health changes. Usually nursing incorporates some form of health counseling within the definition of nursing practice. Structured Psychotherapy, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, (CBT), can be done with individuals, families, and groups.



 Must be under the general class and in good standing as a registered nurse, nurse practitioner, licensed practical nurse, registered practical nurse, or registered psychiatric nurse.

The nurse must be registered with their respective College of Nurses and their nursing association which provides malpractice insurance.


Course Duration

This course includes 750 hours, comprising of online theory and practice hours using direct client contact that the nurse will obtain from their communities


The nurse will be expected to submit 50 case studies, recordings of  counselling and CBT Therapy Sessions, with clients’ consents including history, formulation, and treatment plans for each patient.

The nurse will be expected to complete 100 hours of clinical supervision under the mentorship of an experienced nurse psychotherapist or a registered psychotherapist.


 Upon completion of this course a certificate is awarded, and membership with the nursepsychotherapistassociation and 

 use of the protected title CPN Certified Psychotherapist Nurse or CNP Certified Nurse Psychotherapist.

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