Foot Care Nurse Certification 

 Become Certified as a Foot care Nurse - CFCN

Foot care Nurse Certification

The College of Health Studies basic and advanced nursing foot care course includes the certified foot care nurse final competency exam. Which qualifies for the foot care nurse certification in Canada or the Certified Foot care Nurse - CFCN

Foot care nurse certification is not completed by the Canadian Nurses Association the certification credential body for Registered Nurse only.  As foot care nurses includes Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, Nurse Practitioner, and License Practical Nurses, the Certified Foot care Nurse Certification - CFCN is offered to any nurse who have completed a Basic and Advanced nursing foot care program whose foot care program includes nursing foot care competencies.

Foot care nurse Certification is a voluntary recognized credential for registered nurses, registered practical nurses, nurse practitioner, and license practical nurses who meet specific nursing practice criteria. Continuous learning and exam-based testing is required for certification. The credential, which must be renewed every 2 years, confirms that an RN, NP, RPN, LPN, has demonstrated competence in Basic and Advanced Nursing Foot care and having met current Foot care nurse competencies and standards.

Benefits of certification

  • Your Foot care Nurse Certification credential indicates to your peers, patients, employers and to the public, that you are qualified, competent and current in a providing Basic and Advanced Nursing foot care. 
  • Preparing for the certification exam ensures your specialized knowledge and skills are current and comprehensive.  
  • Renewing your certification through continuous learning ensures you stay current with best practice and guideline in your practice.
  • Having a trademarked certification credential after your name validates your competency in your area of nursing practice.
  • It validates and confirm your knowledge and skill levels in your practice as a Certified Foot care nurse .
  •  Greater respect among your peers.
  • Greater job opportunities as some employers list certification as a preferred qualification
  • Career advancement and increased responsibilities
  • Potential for salary differentials and reimbursement of certification exam costs
  • Formal recognition in the workplace
  • Opportunity to participate in exam development activities and act as a certification mentor to share your knowledge with the next generation of certified foot care nurses
  • Opportunity to network with other Certified Foot care Nurses on the Timed Right online certified foot care nurse community platform for foot care nurse.

Meeting National Standards of Excellence

Certification represents a commitment to being involved in the changing role of the foot care nurse in treatment and health-care standards. Nurses who achieve certification commit to a national foot care standard of professional competence that demonstrates their understanding of Basic and advanced foot care in area of nursing practice.

Foot care nurse certification also supports and gives national scope to continuing competence in Basic and Advanced Nursing Foot care.


Application For Foot care Nurse Certification

  • You must be a registered nurse with current registration license in Canada as a RN, NP, RPN or LPN.
  • Must be a member of RNAO, RPNAO, and Membership with CNA if you are Registered Nurse, Membership with Member LPNA.
  • You must have successfully completed a Basic and Advanced Nursing Foot care  nursing program which incorporate the Basic and Advanced Nursing Foot care competencies.
  • Copy of your certificate of attendance or Foot care Certificate
  • Nursing Foot care Program must have a minimum 35 hours theory and minimum 50 hours practical experience.
  • Endorsement or verification letter of your experience as a foot care nurse.
  • Proof of practicing Basic and Advanced Nursing foot care practical or clinical practice to a minimum of 50 hours . If working in private practice or working in the community provide documentation of  practice. 

With your application after submitting the online form, please submit via registered mail a copy of your Endorsement and Verification letter of Experience as a Foot care nurse, proof of membership with associations mentioned where applicable,  with payment of fee by certified cheque made out to College of Health Studies to the amount of  $350.  Please  add  $20 for shipping and handling of certificate and pin. Payment may be complete by credit card please contact us before hand.

Foot care Nurse applicants must meet all criteria to apply for Certified Foot care Nurse certification CFCN.

Upon approval of your application you will be given the opportunity to take the Timed Advanced Nursing Foot care Certification Online Exam. Exam duration is 40 minutes with a passing  mark is 70%.

If unsuccessful with the Online Nursing Foot care exam you will have the opportunity to retake the exam at  a later date at a cost of $150.

If successful with the exam the nurse will be awarded the Advanced Nursing Foot care Certificate with pin and the opportunity to use the protected title of (CFCN ) Certified Foot care nurse .

Certification duration is 2 years

Recertification can be maintained by providing proof of continued education credit to the amount of 8 hours.  Proof of practicing foot care nurse in any community setting.  Continue Education include: Attendance of continued learning regarding nursing Foot care education, attending workshop, mentorship of foot care nurse, learning current best practice related to any foot care related issues. Payment fee for recertification is $200,

For nurses who do not meet the current Basic and Advanced Nursing foot care practice guideline; For a fee, they will have the opportunity to upgrade skills by taken the Advanced Nursing Foot care course in class, Online or by partnering with a Foot care nurse Mentor in their community practicing skills that will bring them up to current nursing Foot care standards of practice.  Upgrade can be done on a case-by-case basis. 

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Certified Foot care Nurses from College of Health Studies performing  Basic and Advanced Nursing Foot care in Toronto to Toronto Homeless at the Homeless Connect Toronto event November 2014  at Massey Hall.