Pharmacology Administration Certificate for Personal Support Worker


Pharmacology Certificiate For Personal Support Worker Online

The Pharmacology certificate for Personal support worker -PSW is designed for Personal Support Workers (PSW) employed in Long Term Care facilities, hospitals, and home care/community settings. The focus of this course is on the general principles of medication administration. Topics covered include; current drug legislation, methods of safe medication administration; common drug interactions and reactions; and classifications of medication theoretical foundation and accurate knowledge on different actions and side effects of various medications that the PSW may administer.


At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify OSHA standards regarding needle sticks
  • Identify potential causes of medication errors and guidelines for reducing errors
  • Define vocabulary terms related to medication administration
  • Identify the rights of medication administration
  • Recognize methods, equipment, and documentation procedures for medication administration
  • Administer medications by oral, sublingual, and, buccal methods using the proper procedure, equipment, and supplies
  • Learn skills on how to properly administer different medications through particular routes including oral (pills/liquid), nose drops, eye drops, ear drops, suppositories, topical, transdermal.

This course is offered over a full weekend onsite or online

Pre requisite: Hepatistis B vaccine , Criminal reference check,  TB skin test  and proof of  a certificate in Personal support worker from a community college of registered private career college.

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Testimonial from one employer who have hired our PSW graduates wrote."Students from the College of Health Studies arrive prepared to begin their hands on placement. We find the students well prepared for the placement, both with classroom learning and hands on training so they are quickly able to step up and participate actively in resident care. At times we have had students from other educational facilities who have been poorly prepared and our staff feel they have to give the basic PSW training before the students are ready to provide care. We provide the clinical placement and the students arrive ready to work and many make excellent new employees."  Director of Resident Care Holland Christian Homes.

" I am so glad that I chose to complete my Personal Support Worker - PSW course with the College of Health Studies - CHS. After shopping around and meeting with Romy at the College, my decision was quite easy. I enjoyed the smaller classes as I felt they were much more beneficial - especially since the Health Care field was so new to me. The tuition fee was a plus, as mentioned I did shop around for a while and CHS did have the best prices out there with no additional fees. I think the most amazing part of my experience here was the organization and planning put into how the course was run.
I had no issues with my placement as it was FOUND and SET UP for me. Usually with other colleges you are asked to find your own placement which I know from experience can be difficult. Last but not least, Romy is an exceptional instructor, easy to approach and always has the answer to your questions. Over all I had a great experience at the College Of Health Studies, I am proud to say that I passed the complete Personal Support Worker course with honors, and passed the new online PSW final exam. After graduating, I was hired to work in less than 2 weeks. My mother had also graduated from College of Health Studies 7 years ago as a PSW, and had gone on to become an Registered Practical Nurse - RPN. I am confident that my career journey will not end here."
Thank you College of Health Studies, N K proud Graduate 2012.

Rose C wrote,"Thanks to the training that I received from the College of Health Studies prepared me to enter into the fast track nursing program for registered practical nurse George Brown College.Thanks again and I will make you proud Romy. Proud Graduate 2013.
Nandanee K wrote, "Thank you Romy for the wonderful experience that I gained from your teaching instruction of the PSW course. I am now working in palliative care at the hospital. Proud graduate 2013.