RN  NCLEX Exam Prep Review Course Online

Since January 2015, Canadian nursing students, are asked to write the US NCLEX-RN® in order to become registered nurses Canada. The NCLEX Replaces the Canadian Registered Nurse Exam - CRNE.  This online RN review prep course can prepare the nursing student or the foreign trained nurse who are completing the process of becoming a nurse is Canada.

Online NCLEX – RN review prep course.

The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX®) was created for one important purpose—to decide if it is safe for a nursing school graduate to begin practice as an entry-level nurse in Canada or the United States.

In addressing the needs of entry level nurses who wish to be better prepared to take the NCLEX - RN exam. The College of Health Studies in meeting the needs of nursing students, is offering the Online Review prep course for the NCLEX – RN. The course is open to the newly trained degree nurses who are hoping to sit the NCLEX- RN exam, and the international registered nurse who wish to take the NCLEX exam in Canada or the United States.

This Online Review for the NCLEX – RN course is broken up into modules that the student are intended to work through culminating in a comprehensive final Mock NCLEX - RN exam.

 The NCLEX-RN contain questions from all cognitive levels including knowledge, comprehension, application and analysis, the nursing candidates need to know that the passing-level questions for the NCLEX-RN are written at the higher levels of application and analysis that requires critical thinking and decision making skills. 

While many nursing school exams are knowledge-based, the NCLEX uses practical application and analysis to test candidates on their ability to use critical thinking skills when it comes to making nursing judgments.

This approach benefits both the candidates as they enter the field as well as their future patients by making sure the candidate is prepared to begin practicing nursing.

NCLEX Passing Standard

The NCLEX exam is pass or fail. To ensure that the passing standard accurately reflects the level of ability required, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) in the United States evaluates the passing standard every three years.

Online Course includes:

  • 6 months of online access to streaming video lessons and realistic practice

  •  Access to comprehensive online test review.

  • 3,000 exam-style questions in the test interface

  • 6 months of online access to the online question bank

  • Access to an online mock NCLEX exam that will be graded

  • Access to calendar generator that will help students with diagnostic and readiness test that will help direct your studies

  • NCLEX-RN  review preparation course contains outlines covering the content most frequently tested on the NCLEX exam

     Course duration 6months.

    Pre requisite:  Registered as a third or fourth year Nursing Student in any Baccalaureate Nursing Degree program offered in any University or College in Canada or the United States.

    • Must be able to provide proof of eligibility to take the Canadian Nursing Exam after been assess by the College of Nurses to take the NCLEX exam, for entry to practice as a registered nurse in Canada, or eligibility to write the Canadian RN exam from the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) according to the Revised Registration Regulation 2013. Please contact the CNO regarding your eligibility to write the licensing exam or if you have any questions regarding becoming a nurse in Ontario. .

Please submit form below and we will contact you. Upon payment an approval you will be sent login access to take this course.

Upon Completion of the Online course in passing all modules and the Mock NCLEX complrehensive exam , you will receive the NCLEX RN  prep review certificate.

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