Safe and Effective Use of Self in Psychotherapy Certificate course (SEUS)

Course is offered Online

The degree of the therapist self-awareness, self-regulation and self-development has a major impact on therapeutic outcome of the client therapist relationship with regards to psychotherapy. To enhance these abilities, students must examine their beliefs, behaviors, and blind spots when providing psychotherapy.

 This online course is open to any mental health counsellor or mental health professional going through the process in registering with the College of Registered Psychotherapy Ontario. Registered Nurses, Practical nurses, Mental Health Nurses, Addictions Counsellors, Mental Health Counsellor, Psychotherapist or Nurse Psychotherapist Therapist who wish to practice the new control act of Psychotherapy when it come into full regulation.

This course is offered 5 weeks Online

To complete the course online you will be expected  to complete case studies online and pass the online assignments and exam with a grade of 70%

Upon completion of this course, the student will receive the Safe and Effective Use of Self in Psychotherapy Certificate

The student will meet the following.

Complete a minimum of 30 hours of education and training related to safe and effective use of self in the psychotherapeutic relationship for practicing psychotherapy.

 Entry-to-Practice Competencies and related others:*4.3 Ensure safe and effective use of self in the therapeutic relationship.
4.3.1 Demonstrate awareness of the impact of the therapist's subjective context on the therapeutic process.
4.3.2 Recognize the impact of power dynamics within the therapeutic relationship.
4.3.3 Protect client from imposition of the therapist's personal issues.
4.3.4 Employ effective and congruent verbal and non-verbal communication.
4.3.5 Use self-disclosure appropriately.

The course will focus on:

1. The therapist need to be aware of his or her world view, blind spot, value system, strengths and weaknesses, and to learn the skills needed to attain self-understanding, self-acceptance and personal growth for the therapists.

3. Effective use of self-closure to build trust and foster openness.

4. Recognize transference, and counter-transference when it occurs and balancing the therapist needs and the clients’ needs.

5. The therapist to recognize individual differences, effective use in cross-cultural counseling and the need for empowerment.


The online course format is delivered via lesson, lecture /video clip, case studies/assignment and online test and quizzes.

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 Course is offered online, course duration 5 weeks.

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