Foot care Nursing Certificate Course Online 
 Basic & Advanced

This Basic and Advanced Nursing Foot care certificate course Online is open to all registered nurses, registered practical nurses, licensed practical nurses, and nurse practitioners world wide who are licensed or registered to practice as a nurse within your country. This course is approved by the Foot care Nurse Certification Board and include the Footcare nurse certification and the Basic and Advanced Nursing Foot care nurse competency exam
Student nurses are not eligible to register for this course
Start date is flexible

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Sarah H Registered Nurse wrote "Thank you College of Health Studies for giving me the opportunity to learn the proper techniques in performing foot care treatments in working with high risk clients,such as the elderly and the diabetic clients. I am now very confident in performing the high risk assessment, using proper infection control and perform treatment using the tools in treating corns, calluses, cut thicken nails, treat fungal and ingrown nail. Above all, with the current diabetic foot care education, and foot health awareness learn, I am able to empower my clients with my health teaching in preventing below the knee amputations. Graduate 2014 British Columbia Canada.
Tara F RN  wrote,
Thanks to the training that I received from the Online nursing foot care course prepare me to start my own foot care mobile foot care business here in Australia. I know that I am making a difference in my role as a nurse in preventing foot and leg amputations in my diabetuc client. Thank you College of Health Studies S arah F  Registered Nurse Sydney Australia


This comprehensive Basic and Advanced Nursing Foot care online certificate course is designed for registered nurses, registered practical nurses, license practical nurses worldwide who are unable to attend the on-site advanced nursing foot care certificate course, and want to increase their knowledge skills set in providing foot care treatment for high risk client’s  including clients diagnosed with diabetes and the geriatric population. 

Diabetes is a global issue affecting millions of people worldwide.  Nurses living in their communities worldwide can play an important role in the prevention of foot and knee amputations, assist in quality of life for the diabetic clients, and for geriatric patients feet living in their communities.
Prerequisite:  This course is open to regulated nurses only with a non restricted registration to practice as a nurse by your Nursing Association in your country. You may be a registered nurse, registered practical nurses, or licensed practical nurse in your country. 

For Canadian Nurses : in addition to your registration with your nursing associations and college of nursing in your province.
 For Ontario nurses we require membership of CNO with a non restricted license to practice, membership with CNA and of RNAO and  RPNAO if practicing in Ontario only". TB Mantoux skin test, Hep B vaccine, criminal reference check.
Duration: 90 hours, including submission of 20 case studies that you will find on your own using the high risk nursing assessment, diabetic foot screen, using the nursing process with before and after pictures of treatment.

PS: To all nurses as you are all aware that to get a better understanding of the impact of the care that you are providing to your clients, you require some practice in the application of your treatment using the nursing process. Your 20 clinical case studies that you will find on your own constitutes the practical or clinical component of the course.
Tuition fee :  includes online access, to all online materials necessary to complete this course.
Student will be expected to purchase foot care kit from recommended supplier's at whole sale price upon registration.
Please fill out register form below, and we will contact you regarding the fees, acceptance and online access code.

Upon payment and approval in the program you will be issued a confirmation email and will be issued your access code within 24 hours to start the program.

Refund Policy

Please note after confirmation email, and access code to complete this course  has been issued, no refund of tuition fees will be given should you decide to pull out of this online course. 

After access code to start the course has been issued, you will be expected to complete the program in the10 weeks from your course start date, or have the flexibility to complete the program sooner.  Should you require more time to complete the course, your situation will be address by a case by case basis.
Should you not complete the course in the time given you will receive a grade of incomplete.

 Students will have up to 10 weeks from course start date to complete the online advanced nursing foot care certificate course. Upon completion of passing the online theory, online exam, and submission of 20 case studies that you will find on your own, with before and after treatment you will be awarded the Advanced nursing foot care certificate.

 Module content:

Review Diabetes types, classification, and risk factors, Canadian Diabetes Association clinical practice guidelines 2013 and foot care
  • Diabetes Pathophysiology and diagnostic assessment
  • Disease management, acute and chronic complication of diabetes
  • Identify complication of Diabetes macro vascular and micro vascular disease
  • Foot care, assessing the diabetic foot, soft tissue pathologies
  • Equipment and tools used in advanced nursing foot care treatments
  • Best practice for cleaning infection control
  • Treatment and management of corns, callous, nail reduction, fungal infections, and other soft tissues pathologies.
  • Padding and strapping in nursing foot care
  • Diagnoses and screening pre and post health education in nursing foot care.
  • Self management education regarding foot hygiene
Where possible, students are encouraged on their own to find and partner with a diabetic clinic, or to shadow an experience foot care nurse for a day in your area to observe the role of the foot care nurse in your community.

If this is not possible, we encourage you to follow the video clips and steps using the online course  materials advocated in the online course and kit  to complete your case studies that you will find on your own.

Please note if you are having difficulties in finding clients to complete your 20 case studies. Please note that you can use family members and friends for practicing the foot care techniques.

For nurses who are not fully comfortable and confident in using the tools and require more training in using the tools, you will have the opportunity to come to the College of Health Studies in Brampton to shadow and practice with one of the foot care nurses for 1 day and gain confidence in using the tools and performing the high risk assessment, diabetic foot screen and treatment.
 Mentor opportunities and support will be available throughout the course should you require before and after completing this course.
Register now by filling out the online application and submit.  We will notify you of payment methods and your acceptance in the program.  Upon confirmation of your acceptance in the program and your payment  you will be issued the online access code to complete the program.

Upon completion of the theory and practice and passing the Online Basic and advanced Nursing Foot care Certification you will be issued the Advanced Nursing Foot care Certificate and will be able to use the protected title of CFCN and will have a 1 year membership with the Foot care Nurse Certification Board and access to the Certified Foot care nurse  Timed right Online community platform. 
Statement regarding the Canadian Nurse Association- CNA and continuous Learning for Nurses

Nurses may claim it as a continuous learning (CL) activity toward renewal of the CNA certification credential if it is related to their nursing specialty. Pre-authorization from the CNA Certification Program is not required. Participants are encouraged to retain a confirmation of attendance.
 Les infirmières et infirmiers peuvent la compter comme activité d’apprentissage continu (AC) en vue de renouveler leur titre de certification de l’AIIC si elle se rapporte à leur spécialité infirmière. Aucune préautorisation du Programme de certification de l’AIIC n’est exigée; on incite néanmoins les participants à conserver une attestation de présence

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To register for the online nursing footcare course duration is 10 weeks from confirmation of acceptance in the program. and payment of full tuition
Please note after you have been accepted in the program and you meet all requirement . There is no refund of tuition fee after online access have been given to complete this course.
Please contact us at 905-452-8139 or 905965-1966, or email us if you have not heard from us within 2 days after submitting form