• Health and Beauty College training takes pleace at the College of Health Studies health and beauty college is a registered private career college, registered by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development formally the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities - MTCU
  • Our Holistic Health, Advanced Medical Aesthetics, Nutrition and Diet therapy program is recognized and accredited by
    The National Association of Holistic Health Practitioners - NAHHP, a recognized holistic health association licensing spa practitioners, aesthetician, medical esthetician, and holistic health practitioners who wish to open a spa or holistic health business.
  • Our Advanced Medical Aeshetics course Botox and Dermal filler is accredited and recognized by the Canadian Association of Medical Spas and Aesthetics Surgeons CAMACS
  •  As result of program accreditation, upon completion of any of the above listed programs, students will be eligible to become licensed members with the National Association of Holistic Health Practitioners - NAHHP, for 1 year only.

  • In being a member of NAHHP, the student can set up their esthetics spa business and obtain licensure to set up their spa or holistic spa business with their respective cities.
  •  Our Nurse Psychotherapist Certificate program is accredited by the Canadian Nurse Psychotherpapist Association.
  • NAHHP is recognized by various jurisdiction in Canada including the city of Toronto as one of the listed recognized holistic health association, licensing aesthetician, holistic health practitioner, and spa practitioners in the aesthetic and spa industry.
  • Students upon completion of the holistic health practitioner training program, medical aesthetics, advanced medical aesthetics, cosmetic laser, diabetic foot care specialist, botox & dermal filler, Nutrition and Diet Therapy Diploma with Basic and Advanced Diabetic Foot care will be able to obtain preferred rates with malpractice and liability insurance rates with Holman Insurance or