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Diabetes Nurse Educator Certificate Course

Diabetes Nurse Educator Certificate Course

More than 11 million Canadian are living with diabetes. Using the Diabetes Canada formally the  Canadian Diabetes Association Clinical Practice Guidelines 2018 as a framework, this course examines the changing field of diabetes education and the role of the diabetes nurse educator to respond to changes that enhances nursing practice.

 Diabetes Nurse Educators treats diabetic clients in various health care settings, including, hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, diabetic clinic, rehabilitation setting, medical clinic, walk in clinics, group homes, schools and in client’s homes.  Often the nurse is one of the primary care givers caring for the diabetic client providing health teaching, support, medication administration, self-care management education, nutrition counselling, lifestyle management, assisting the client and their family in coping with the disease.

The Diabetes Nurse Educator certificate program offers a solid foundation in current clinical approaches to diabetes education. It is designed for registered nurses - RNs, registered practical nurses - RPNs an, License practical nurse - LPN who want to specialize in the field of Diabetes Education. The program provides a sound knowledge base in diabetes-care management ensuring the nurse has the skills and abilities to practice safely and effectively in any clinical setting where diabetes education is thought using current evidenced based practice.

The goal of diabetes education is to assist people to develop the skills and strategies they need to manage diabetes. Methods used to promote self-management to increase knowledge, provide skills, and change attitudes and behavior.  Clients with diabetes require a basic level of information in order to manage their diabetes.

After completing the theory component of the courses, students will participate in one 40 hour week field placement designed to introduce them to the type of environment and clients with whom they will be working.  The clinical placement can be completed in the student‘s community in any diabetic clinical setting where diabetes treatment, self-management  groups and health teaching is offered.This placement can also be completed over 2 weeks times 20 hour per week.

In the first 1st week clinical, students demonstrate competency in teaching diabetes to individuals. Using topics in basic diabetes education and techniques of adult education, students will design and deliver lessons to clients, and evaluate both teaching and learning. Course duration 20 hours

In the second week clinical placement student focuses on the special techniques involved in teaching groups of patients and family members. Students also apply the theory of diabetes education, program design and management to actual situation course duration 20 hour

Program content includes:

  • The role of the nurse in providing diabetic patient education and treatment

  • Understanding  Diabetes  Type 1, 2 diabetes,  gestational diabetes - GDM, Pre-Diabetes

    •  Management of diabetes, patient education, nutrition and healthy eating for diabetes, meal planning principles for diabetes, shopping and food labels, carbohydrates counting, eating out, sick day, healthy weight
    • Testing blood sugar, the role of A1C count, ketoacidosis, hyperglycemia prevention, symptoms and treatment.
    • Develop a care plan for patients with diabetes (Type 1, 2, GDM, Pre-Diabetes)
    • Teach facts about oral medications and insulin, types of insulin
    • Instruct administration of insulin effectively, how to use insulin pen.
    • Assess & Manage patients on insulin pump therapy, as per medical directives
    • Administering, adjusting insulin for sick days, as per medical directives
    • Instructing patients on diabetes and develop education session that focus on self-management skills in both individual and group settings
    • Teach impact of  stress, alcohol use, smoking, drug use on it effect on diabetes
    • Teach methods of decreasing stress, lifestyle management, foot care, exercise, dental care and how it affects complication of diabetes
    • Mental health and addiction issues, depression, and client on antipsychotic medication at risk for diabetes.  Precaution when driving
    • Instruct on pregnancy and diabetes , heading off to college/university, and employment
    • Health teach on the foot complication and neroupathy, and provide foot care counselling, No hands on treatment of Diabetic foot care is in this course.

Entrance requirement : a current non- restricted nursing registration license as a registered nurse, license practical nurse, or registered practical nurse with College of Nurses of Ontario - CNO, professional liability insurance from your nursing association, hepatitis b vaccine, TB mantoux skin test, criminal reference check for the vulnerable sector.


Student will be expected to become members of the Registered Nurses Association Ontario- RNAO, or the Registered Practical Nurses Association Ontario - RPNAO in order to obtain liability insurance.

Text book and kit is not included:

Course include in class theory, in class lab, and 1 full week clinical practice in a diabetic clinic where students will receive practical experience working with diabetic clients

Course is offered Online, Student  will be expected to complete a 2 clinical placement in a diabetic clinic setting or complete  20 diabetes case studies following the schools format.

Clinical placement can be 1full week or 40 hours per week, or over 2 weeks at 20 hours per week. Or submission of 20 case studies using the nursing process developing a nutrition care plan, or care plan related to self-management education in coping and living with type1or type 2 diabetes or at risk in developing type 2 diabetes and coping with type 1 diabetes .

Funding :
For nurses in Ontario, please note that this course is tax deductible and a tax receipt will be issued upon completion of the course. In addition, for tuition fee paid, this course also qualifies you for reimbursement from your associations for up to $1500.  Please contact RNAO or RPNAO for application form for funding grant up to $1500./year.

Upon completion of this course the student will receive the Diabetes Nurse Educator Certificate

Course can also be taken online course duration 16 weeks

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