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Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma Online

This course is recognized and accredited by the National Association of Holistic Health Practitioners (NAHHP)

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Holistic Health Practitioner focus aim to mobilize the bodies self healing processes, and  to restore the harmonious working of the physical, biochemical, mind and emotions of the body in response to stress. Holistic practitioners help client's accomplish this balance by implementing and encompassing many different natural healing methods which will promote relaxation, circulation, overall improvement and balance the natural rhythms of the body.

This goal of this course is to teach students an integrated approach to health and wellness with skills and techniques in the field of Holistic and complementary health care. This is accomplished through learning holistic healing modalities and hands-on techniques utilized during the class and through case studies. 

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Anatomy /Physiology- The first step in learning how to care for the human body, is knowing how it is structured, and how it works. This course helps students understands the human body and various systems of the body.
  • Stress management and the body response to stress, rrelaxation, breathing, meditation, visualization is addressed in this course.
  • Health and safety, client care,
  •  Communications, interactions, and  care planning.
  •  Introduction to Nutrition, food and health, the effect and benefits of nutrients, vitamins, supplements & minerals has on the body.
  •  Posture and body mechanic.
  •  Introduction to therapeutic massage, indication and contraindication of basic massage. Body massage using massage therapy techniques such as  effleurage, stroking, pettrissage, friction and kneading. Aroma therapy, this course consists of the history, effects, benefits, contra-indications, chemistry and classification of essential oils. Carrier oils use, essential oils, blending, measuring, and performing treatment. 
  • Hot stone massage, spa treatment.
  • Reflexology, this course looks at theory, history and practical application of reflexology. The zones, reflex points and effective pressure point techniques on the body in responds to stress will be addressed. The benefits and contra indication will be address
  • Energy healing, crystal therapy.
  • Setting up a business in Holistic Health


Upon completion of theory student are expected to complete 80 hrs. internship /extern ship/ case studies.that you will find on your own.     

 Course duration 8 months online. Students will be expected to complete 80 hands on case studies in the various modalities learnt. 

Extra charge: Text books, disposable towels/sheets/blanket, aromatherapy essential oils, folding massage table, sterilization supplies and scrubs .
Pre-requisite-  A good working knowelege of English comprehension, to be able to read and write English, mature student 19 years older,

Course duration 8 months online. This course combines online lectures,  modules, video demonstrations techniques, and handson case studies that you will find on your own to be completed in the community. 

Upon completion of online theory, online test, completion of  practical or case studies, and upon passing the final online exam and achieved a grade mark of 70%, students will be awarded  the Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma.


Upon completion Student receives a 1 years membership of the National Association of Holistic Health Practitioners. nahhp.com

Students will received preferred rates, and have the option to apply for liability and malpractice insurance with holisticinsurance.ca


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Course is tax deductible

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